Token Mining Watch Dog

Miningwatchdog SmartChain Token (MSC) is a smart contract in the Ethereum Blockchain used

Token xs

Tokenxs is a number one platform for all your Cryptocurrency matters are critically

Apogee coin

APOcoin®️ is a unique DeFi coin with a twist that will blend the

LZ Lending

In this project, Our client wants an application for the crypto tokens lending

Priority Ex

PriorityEX is the first coin to launch as a strict utility coin with

Myex Trade

We have developed a trading site where 25 to 30 coins trade each


BITChro is a platform that intends to make nonfungible tokens (NFTs) more accessible

Chess Kings

Online car rental web application in which users can fix the booking through

Smoke Shop

Online marijuana smoke stuff selling e-commerce website in which users can buy weed

BloomCatch App

BloomCatch is a plant identification mobile application. A user can take a picture

Salary Badhwao

Salary Badhwao is a one-stop solution for all your significant or trivial needs.


Developed wallet app for cryptocurrencies. Pay with cryptocurrency anywhere in the world. Coinsero


Aerotoken Wallet is unique because it is non-custodial. This means that only YOU

School Mitra

We had developed a school management system that connects students, teachers, school admins

Mr Book187

I have written the python script which automatically gets teams of NBA sports,

Btlproperty ltd

We have designed this website in beaver builder which is a flexible drag

Career Vibeinc

In this web app, users will get a variety of training, which are


WIX-based scouting web application builds in Angular framework. Complete sportsmen data list on

Deep Dive Ref

Deep Dive Ref is dedicated to providing basketball officials at all levels from

Tannver Den

They offer all types of treatments such as implants, invisible orthodontics for adults,