Ramlogics Technosoft’s Successful ICO Launch for Metacade.co

Ramlogics Technosoft’s Successful ICO Launch for Metacade.co


Ramlogics successfully launched an ICO for Metacade.co! Learn from their case study and discover how to launch a successful ICO.

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Ramlogics Technosoft, an IT company, has launched an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) project called Metacade.co. The project is aimed at creating the ultimate web3 community hub, where users can play, earn, build, and connect. In this case study, we will examine the details of the project, including its progress in terms of funding, token sales, and remaining days of the presale.


Metacade.co is a web3 community hub that brings together gamers, developers, and investors. The platform allows users to play games, earn rewards, build their games, and connect with other gamers and developers. The platform is built on blockchain technology, which provides transparency and security to the users.

ICO Strategy:

Ramlogics Technosoft used several strategies to ensure the success of their ICO project. Firstly, they created a strong whitepaper that detailed the concept, benefits, and potential of metacade.co. The whitepaper clearly articulated the problem that the project was solving and the unique features that would set it apart from existing platforms. The whitepaper also included a roadmap that provided investors with a clear understanding of the project’s progress and future milestones.

Secondly, Ramlogics Technosoft leveraged the power of social media to generate buzz around the project. They created social media accounts on Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit to engage with potential investors and promote the project. The team regularly shared updates, news, and announcements on these platforms to keep investors informed and engaged.

Thirdly, Ramlogics Technosoft offered attractive incentives for early investors. The presale was structured in stages, with each stage offering a lower price for tokens. The team also offered bonuses to investors who participated in the presale, which incentivized investors to buy in early and contributed to the project’s early success.


Ramlogics Technosoft’s ICO launch for metacade.co was a resounding success. The project generated a lot of interest among investors, with the presale selling out quickly. The team was able to raise a significant amount of capital through the ICO, which allowed them to continue developing the project.

The success of the ICO launch also helped to establish metacade.co as a reputable web3 community hub. The project received positive reviews and attention from industry experts and the wider crypto community, which helped to boost its reputation and credibility.

Current Status:

The presale of Metacade.co is currently in progress, and the project is in stage 6 out of 8. The total amount to be raised in this presale is $10,535,000, and so far, $10,409,577 has been raised, which is 98.81% of the total amount. The token sales have been going well, with 847,622,162 tokens sold, and only 7,377,838 tokens remaining. Each MCADE token is currently priced at $0.017 USDT, and the next stage presale price is $0.0185 USDT.

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Ramlogics Technosoft’s ICO launch for metacade.co was a testament to their strong strategy and execution. By creating a compelling whitepaper, leveraging social media, and offering attractive incentives for early investors, the team was able to generate interest, build momentum, and raise a significant amount of capital. The success of the ICO launch has positioned metacade.co as a leader in the web3 community hub space, and the project is poised for continued success in the future.

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