How to Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange Using White Label Crypto Exchange Software?

How to start a White Label Crypto Exchange software?

How to start a White Label Crypto Exchange software? Cryptocurrency trading is immensely becoming popular in recent times. This new technology paves the way for new business opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs. Major business ideas are involved with cryptocurrency exchanges. They are developed with blockchain technology, and these crypto exchange platforms are used for cryptocurrency exchanges. As the usage of cryptocurrency increases with the demand for Crypto exchange platforms.

The most important part to note here is it is a solid Decentralised platform model for every person in the digital space. Removing all the middlemen in the exchange process involves blockchain technology and smart contracts. Hence if you are a startup aiming to start your own Crypto exchange platform then your choice should be white-label crypto exchange software that can be reliable and cost-effective for you.

What’s white-Label crypto exchange software?

A white label can be denoted as a product or a service that is developed by a company and it’s sold by them to another company. They can utilize it by rebranding it and renaming it according to the business preference and requirement. The buyer can even modify it and change its design and display it as it’s their own tech. The white label crypto exchange software is a readily available crypto software that is built with every essential technical and security integration and its features to make an exchange fully functional. The major advantage of white-label crypto software is that a person can completely change the overall design according to their preference in terms of its name, logo, brand, and UI/UX. How to start a White Label Crypto Exchange software?

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Advantages of Whitelabel Crypto exchange software

Enhanced Reliability – This white-label crypto exchange is built with a complete team of professionals. It is completely pre-tested before delivering it to its clients. It is bug-free software. It is also more reliable than a crypto exchange platform that is built from scratch.

No technical expertise needed – The entire process of developing a white-label crypto exchange will be a takeover by a team that you hire for your work. There are no worries about the tech stacks cause they are well-experienced and have updated tech stacks. You can directly buy, modify and deploy it instantly.

Less labor cost – If the process of development is completely taken care of by a White-label Crypto exchange development company it will automatically reduce the pressure and the cost involved in the development process. If you buy a readily available Whitelabel crypto exchange software you can reduce the cost of developing your crypto exchange business.

Quick Deployment – Constructing a crypto exchange platform from a scratch is a very time-consuming and heavy-cost process. It involves too many procedures. But Whitelabel crypto exchange software is an efficient and instantly deployable, cost-effective way.

Customization scope – White-label crypto exchange software will offer you a broader customization scope for users and it helps them to stand ahead of their competitors.

Focus on its marketing – Instead of only focusing on constructing a tech, you could focus on marketing and creating your own brand. While your backend will be controlled and maintained by White-label crypto exchange software service providers. You can strategize on the audience and the demographic bias targets. How to start a White Label Crypto Exchange software?

Must-have Features in White-label Crypto exchange platform

  • Smart contract trading
  • Integrated Multiple currency crypto wallets
  • Higher transaction per second (TPS)
  • Attractive user panel
  • Integrated multiple payment gateways
  • Optimized Match-Trade Engine
  • High crypto Liquidity
  • Automated KYC & AML security verification
  • Admin backend panel
  • Handling pending transaction
  • Cutting-edge blockchain tech
  • Firewall/Firebase integration
  • Integrated referral program
  • Integrated Multi-layer security
  • API & SDK integration
  • Mobile application

How one can choose a white-label crypto exchange software for Business?

How to start a White Label Crypto Exchange software? As already mentioned above, there is a demand for this rapidly growing Whitelabel crypto exchange, there are multiple companies who have initiated offering crypto exchange services. To choose a wise White label crypto exchange software development company you have to look into these criteria.

  • Check whether the software is distributed with a proper license.
  • Check whether the crypto platform is enabled with KYC norms.
  • Analyze the technological stacks that are used and whether it has all the recent technologies.
  • Make sure that your crypto exchange platform supports multiple cryptocurrencies, that includes all major fiat currencies.
  • To the most preference, analyze all the integrated security features with your cryptocurrency exchange software.
  • Check whether your platform is connecting with all the exchange platforms for liquidity.
  • The platform should be enabled with robust backend and frontend support.
  • Analyze the cost, and whether the platform provides you with dedicated control of the platform to the users.
  • Check whether the given white-label crypto exchange software is fully customizable.

Types of Whitelabel Cryptocurrency Exchange Software are available

  • Decentralized Crypto exchange software
  • Hybrid cryptocurrency exchange software
  • P2P Cryptocurrency exchange software

Some of Whitelabel Cryptocurrency exchange software platforms available in the Crypto market

  • Binance Whitelabel Crypto Exchange platform
  • CoinBase Whitelabel Crypto Exchange platform
  • LocalBitcoins Whitelabel Crypto Exchange platform
  • WazirX Whitelabel Crypto Exchange platform
  • Remitano Whitelabel Crypto Exchange platform
  • Paxful Whitelabel Crypto Exchange platform

Frequently Asked Questions, How to start a White Label Crypto Exchange software?

Do you also have these questions?

What is White Label Crypto Exchange Software?

A white-label crypto exchange software is a ready-to-deploy package that lets you run, configure and launch a fully functional crypto trading platform. It is suitable for forex trading companies and existing crypto exchanges who wish to roll out a crypto exchange underpinned with market-leading features and advanced capabilities.

How to Launch Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

You can either build your cryptocurrency exchange from the ground up or use a turnkey solution such as a white-label crypto exchange or cryptocurrency exchange script. With the help of a reliable cryptocurrency exchange development company, you can build and launch your crypto exchange software.

Is it possible to launch your cryptocurrency exchange within 4 weeks?

Yes, it is possible to launch your crypto exchange software within just 4 weeks. You would need to shake hands with a reliable cryptocurrency exchange software development company that offers a white-label cryptocurrency exchange with a robust matching engine, user-friendly interface, power-packed APIs, institutional-grade wallet, and diversified payment options.

How much does it cost to build cryptocurrency exchange software?

It depends upon your choice of cryptocurrency exchange development methods. Developing a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch can be quite expensive. If you choose to go with white-label crypto exchange development, the cost is significantly lower. However, any additional features, blockchain integration, or token development might increase the base price.

How long does it take to build your cryptocurrency exchange software?

The time depends upon the complexity of the process you choose. Building a crypto exchange software from scratch might take relatively longer than customizing a white-label crypto exchange as per your branding requirements. A reputable blockchain development company might give a more specified timeline as per your project requirements.

What is Cryptocurrency Exchange Script?

A cryptocurrency exchange script is a pre-engineered package of codes that can clone a specified cryptocurrency trading platform in terms of its functionality and user interface. The ready-made solution can be leveraged to launch a cryptocurrency exchange software similar to prominent cryptocurrency exchanges existing in the market.

Which company offers the best cryptocurrency exchange development services?

Ramlogics offers signature cryptocurrency exchange development services as well as highly scalable, ready-made crypto exchange development solutions. Count on them for building high-end crypto trading platforms with industry-leading features, a self-explanatory interface, and institutional-grade security protocols.


As mentioned above there is an important key factor that you should get to know while choosing a Cryptocurrency exchange platform for your crypto business. If you want to get knowledge about white-label cryptocurrency exchange platforms you need to get in touch and contact crypto exchange software development companies, who are experts in developing unique exchange software. Who keeps their client’s preference as their priority. These seasoned dedicated developers will help you with all-inclusive, Higher quality white label crypto exchange software. This exchange platform can be launched instantly, without any compromise on quality and security. Their Best White-label crypto exchange development company will lead your business to a successful path. How to start a White Label Crypto Exchange software?

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